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Core strength

Your core is any muscle located between your pelvis and the base of your rib cage.

These muscles work together to support your spine. When properly trained they provide a stable base for generating force, power, stability, poise and balance.

Core training

Today's buzz words are “core training”.

Research has already shown that by developing a stable base players and competitors can increase:

  • Poise and balance
  • Strength
  • Momentum
  • Control
  • Co-ordination
  • Muscle endurance

This will improve overall performance, reducing the risk of injury.

If you're spending large amounts of time slouching over a computer desk, it greatly assists in improving your overall posture.

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Core training for all

This type of training suits all ages and is appropriate from 9 years of age through to the more mature client.

Most importantly as there is very little loading of the joints in the body, levels of intensity can be safely used and increased without danger of injury and is therefore available not only for varying ages, but also for the highest level professionals, semi-professionals and non-sporting individuals who wish to improve their quality of life.

Goal setting

Our initial discussions are to jointly set your goals and plan how the sessions are to be structured.

Training is carried out at our Clinic or indeed should this involve Speed, Agility & Quickness or general running against parachute resistance this can take place at an external venue.  Advice for exercises at home is also given.

Should you require the small amount of equipment needed for use at home this can be arranged as necessary.

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